The Trans Rating

The Trans Rating is a tool for use in examining critically the work and efforts of books, film, television, stage, and similar arts and entertainment to portray and present Trans people as members of the community in such a manner as to make Trans people part of the whole of their communities.

It is not a simple rating, but rather one that seeks to score and adjudge the works which feature trans individuals for their harm or benefit to the trans community as a whole.

The Trans rating is based on ten points, with a positive score or a negative score being assigned to each element for a possible score of -10 to +10.

In the months to come, The Trans 100 will be establishing a catalog of such ratings of all media portrayals, through the crowdsourced application of the Trans Rating.

The rating points are as follows:

  • A – Their Transition or Transness is not in and of itself the crux of story driving conflicts or humor
  • B – Their ability to do their job is not based in their Transness
  • C – Those who make pronoun or sex/gender based jokes are quickly chastised by other characters in the story, and made to look foolish as a result.
  • D – There is interaction with 2 or more other Trans people, and they talk about something other than hormones, surgeries, clothes, or activism
  • E – They are not only white, late transitioners from a middle class or better background
  • F – Trans women are held up as role models for women, Trans men as role models for men, and alt-gendered persons are held up as role models for those of both or neither.
  • G – They are not limited by the tropes applied to them as a result of their gender; Women are not limited to just women’s tropes, men are not limited to just men’s tropes
  • H – The story does not feature only trans women, or only trans men, and includes those who are both and neither
  • I – Those that are not Trans that they interact with are aware of terms like Cisgender, and avoid extraneous “-ed”s
  • J – Poverty, suicide, and workplace harassment are not portrayed as a choice of the Trans person, nor in a positive light.

The process of using this is fairly straight forward.

Plus one point for each one they get right, minus one point for each one they get wrong.

Each year, The Trans 100 will recognize the 25 highest rated media in various forms through the Trans Media 25, incorporated into the Vanguard 25 Event, held in August.  Nominations and ratings will go up April 15th.

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