The Trans 100

Nominations for The Trans 100 are open starting on November 20th, and formally closed on February 15th.

Nominations can come from anyone — you do not have to be a trans person to nominate anyone, but the person nominated must meet the nomination criteria.

The Vanguard 25

Nominations for the Vanguard 25 are open November 20th through February 5th.

Nominations can come from anyone, and the nominations are globally based.

Nominations can be made by anyone, globally, provided that the nominee meets the criteria outlined below.

This year, international nominations are being accepted, for inclusion in the international trans 100.

The key question to ask is this: What is this nominee doing to make life better for the trans community?

All nominees must:

Self-identify as trans.
Be actively working to improve the lives of trans people.
Not have been recognized by the Trans 100 within the last 3 years.

We particularly encourage the nomination of individuals who:

Are doing work that is unsung and/or unseen.
Are working in areas of multiple intersections of power and privilege.
Live outside of major population centers (New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc).

The Trans 100 places special consideration on those working in the areas of ostracism elimination, stigma reduction, poverty reduction, furthering the social and economic development of the trans community, and building infrastructure within the trans community.

Nominees can be working at any scale, locally, regionally, or nationally.

The Trans 100 is open to any individual who self-identifies as trans, regardless of how they specifically define that word for themselves. That said, we use the following as a working definition:

Transness is the state of awareness or condition in society of someone who does not conform in a majority of aspects to the way their society or culture sees them as behaving and living in relation to their culture’s social construction of physiological sex, usually due to a variance between their physical sex and one or both of their social sex identity and/or internal sex identity.

It exists at the same level as awareness of self, and it is, itself, an awareness.

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