The Trans 100 is seeking volunteers for the development and presentation of the 2017 Trans 100 Honors.

Volunteer Roles include:

Curator Team

Research Team

Event Team

Live Broadcast Team

Spotlight Team
Currently seeking 2 Co-Directors

Team Coordinators for the five teams

Co directors will assist Toni D’orsay in directing the overall process.

Coordinators will oversee the individual teams involved.

Familiarity with online collaboration tools, access to a phone and video teleconference software, and a willingness to work really hard to help this become better is required.

We currently need local and remote volunteers to assist with marketing, social media and PR. In addition, we are looking for writers, graphic designers, and webmasters who can help maintain The Trans 100 website. Finally, we are interested in local street teams who can help distribute the published list to bring more awareness to community organizations and groups around the globe.

Applicable Skills Needed

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