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Welcome to The Trans 100. Pardon the Dust, as it has been a while. We are sweeping up things and bringing in some new stuff, and will keep you informed as we go. In the meantime, subscribe to our Twitter account @trans100team and feel free to start keeping an eye on our YouTube Channel.  


Honoree Update: Chase Strangio

Chase Strangio was named to the 2014 Trans 100. Since then, he has been working to represent Chelsea Manning in her lawsuit against the Department of Defense for failing to treat her gender dysphoria. In addition, he has worked with Monica Jones in her challenge to her conviction for “walking while trans” in Phoenix, Arizona. Chase feels honored to be working with Monica and Chelsea, and says “they are both such amazing leaders in our community.” Chase regularly blogs for the ACLU and and with Huffington Post.


Honoree Update: Jazz Jennings

Since she was named on the 2014 Trans 100, Jazz Jennings has been busy, busy, busy. A few highlights: She was selected to be a Youth Ambassador for the HRC. Her 20/20 piece with Barbara Walters received a GLAAD Award. Her children’s book, “I am Jazz” was released. She appeared on Katie Couric’s new Yahoo show, as well as on Fusion Media’s program with Alicia Menendez. She was the recipient of LogoTV’s Trailblazer Award, and Equality Florida’s, “Voice for Equality” award. She was named on TIME Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014 list, and the Huffington Post’s 14 Most Fearless Teens of 2014 list. In addition, she continues to workRead More…


Honoree Update: moof mayeda

moof mayeda was named to the 2014 Trans 100 list, when they were working with The Task Force. Since then, they’ve switched careers and now work as a developer at a tech company. As if that weren’t enough excitement, moof is now engaged! Congrats on those life changes from The Trans 100, moof! You can connect with moof on Twitter at https://twitter.com/moofmayeda . They’re also always supporting the Brown Boi Project at http://www.brownboiproject.org/


Honoree Update: Zander Keig

Zander Keig was named to the 2013 Trans 100 list. Since then, he has been busy with ZANDEROLOGY, an illustrated documentary, featuring himself. Zanderology has been showing at film festivals around the world and winning awards! More info at online and on Facebook. This film is an illustrated documentary about Zander Keig, a man who was presumed dead in the womb, assigned female at birth, paralyzed at age six, put in a mental hospital as a teen, joined a Mexican gang in middle school, dropped out of high school, enlisted in the military, became an undercover narcotics agent, obtained three graduate degrees and is now a social worker serving homeless veteransRead More…


Honoree Update: Cherno Biko

One of the things we’re excited to do moving forward is provide updates on past Trans 100 honorees. Every Trans 100 list is a static document, but the work being done by and for our community is anything but static. We’re hoping these updates will keep you in the loop about exciting projects past honorees are working on, allow you to connect more with honorees, and provide a platform for their work. So lets kick it off with the fabulous Cherno Biko​! Cherno Biko was named to the 2014 Trans 100 list. Since then, she has has visited more than a dozen cities across America building community and raising visibilityRead More…


Kye Allums 2014 Trans 100 Keynote Speech

Kye Allums Keynote delivers the opening keynote at the 2014 Trans 100 Event Live in Chicago!  Kye Allums is the founder of the “I AM Enough” project, the first openly trans athlete in Division I sports, and one of the 2014 Trans 100 Honorees!  The 2014 Trans 100 was Sponsored by GLAAD, Lamda Legal and Chicago House.


Laverne Cox Trans 100 2014 Keynote Speech “Hurt People, Hurt People” (Video)

“Hurt People, Hurt People” Laverne Cox, star of Orange is the New Black gives the final Keynote speech of the night at the 2014 Trans 100 Event Live in Chicago! Laverne’s words struck to the core of community issues that we all need to take an honest look at. The 2014 Trans 100 was Sponsored by GLAAD, Lamda Legal and Chicago House.


2014 Trans 100 Live Event – Media Coverage

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2014 Trans 100 – Media Contact

For media inquiries regarding the 2014 Trans 100, please email dheffernan@glaad.org or jen@thetrans100.com.