Well, 2017 is here…

Well, 2017 is here…

So let’s get started with making the next Trans 100.

I cannot say if there will be an event this year, but I can say it does not appear so.

This is because I personally lack the skills to make such happen. I will be rearing that error throughout the year so that we do have an event in 2018, and welcome assistance in doing so.

This year, the Trans 100 will publish 3 collectives of Excellence in Service to the Community.

We will honor North American contributions with the standard Trans 100, this year including Canada and Mexico.

We will honor International contributions, from the rest of the world.

We will honor those who have come before us, as well, in a special way that will become apparent in April, when Nominations start for it

I am running behind, and, as you can likely tell, there is much dust, but with the way things have gone, we determined that it was better to get something up and running now, than have nothing at all for another year.

I will do my best for you. Always.

A.E. D’orsay, ED, The Trans 100

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